Bali Juice is a beverage company launched in 2018. They strive to create products that are as pure as they are potent, and are the first to bring mangosteen into the US. When they reached out to us, they were very clear about one thing - " Bringing attention to the brand".

When someone says Bali these are the things that pop in our brain Tropical Paradise, Vacation, Beaches, Surfing, Nature, Indonesian people, peaceful, Coconut shakes, etc ... We wanted to create a similar feeling towards our campaign as well.

PRODUCT SAMPLING! We all know that feeling, stepping into a supermarket only to catch sight of a branded product sampling stand, manned by a beaming staff member wielding a tray of free samples – no matter how recently we ate, we’re going to try at least one! And why not, it starts what can often be a monotonous experience on a positive note, whether it’s an old favorite or a complete unknown on offer.

One of our ideas was to sample the product and create brand awareness. We had a stall on Venice beach and we gave away samples. We also asked the customers about how they feel about the drink. Since modern marketing is largely relationship-based, it is important to nurture that relationship, providing more value than you are perceived to take.

We also did a colorful promo for Instagram using organic colors. Check out the videos below.