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Think it, Make it, and Show it.

PressPlay Collective, is a video production company based out of Chennai and Los Angeles with our wings spreading across the globe. They say only the extraordinary is worth doing, and we sure do live up to that. Our team of creatives work together to generate unique, high-quality content for your business. From social media content to tv commercials, we have the creativity and expertise to create videos that
positively represent your business. 

We are known for work that pushes the envelope, explores untapped genres featuring real life characters, exciting brands, and breathtaking visuals. At PressPlay Collective, we bring the best of tradition into tomorrow, but we are listeners first. We want to know your
specific challenges, and your ideas. With us as your partner you can spread the gospel of your brand far and wide.


Manikandan Mathivanan 
Co-Founder & Creative Producer (India)

I'm the guy that you want to work with when you're looking for a creative, tech-savvy storyteller who will make your campaign pop.

Konstantin Frolov 
Co-Founder & Creative Producer (Los Angeles)

I like to tell stories through visuals. I am a Director and Cinematographer focused on telling authentic, human-driven stories.