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At PressPlay collective, we offer full-service multi-channel live stream production service. You can live stream multi-camera switched content to Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube and any private or public streams without 3rd party applications

Live Streaming for Business

Live streaming offers brands and businesses an opportunity to interact with customers. It establishes a connection with customers and gives them a personal experience with the brand. Live streaming provides real-time engagement benefits to users, it also gives an opportunity for businesses to offer live support, Q&A sessions, and office tours.

Webinars, Press Conferences or Online training

Some companies use live streaming as part of their training programs to train new employees. Everyone receives the same training and product information at the same time, thereby saving the company’s money. Also, when hosting a live event, consider the cost of travel, lodging, and security. Opting to live stream an event can save a lot of money!

Concerts, Video Podcasts or Events 

You can also live stream a concert or live event. It is a unique opportunity to capitalize on the energy of a live performance while enabling others outside of our community to participate. The benefit of the stream then becomes the ability to engage the dedicated fans who just couldn’t be there (thus allowing them to continue to participate in the experience), while also potentially reaching future audience members who are not fans—yet

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