PressPlay Collective PressPlay Collective

A labour of love. A magic story woven across three continents. A string of experiences, holding an eternal truth together - that we are born to be free. Free of mind. Free of soul. Free of spirit.
Client: Khimji Jewels
Client Team: Sameer Nishant and Nishit Nanda
Agency: Digital Dogs Content and Media
Creative Direction: Anjali Ramani (Digital Dogs)
Lyrics: Ambarish Ray (Digital Dogs)
Production & Filming: PressPlay Collective
Produced by: Manikandan Mathivanan
Directed by: Marvin Akanyi 

Talent: Lauren Mnayarji
Cinematography: Konstantin Frolov
Edited by: Manikandan Mathivanan & Vadym Shapran
Music Composition: Dhruv Goel (Chai Time studios, LA)
Singer: Gaayatri Kaundinya (Chai Time Studios, LA)
Post Production & Online: RGB