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The incredible story of Khimji Jewels
Told for the first time in 84 years on TV. And every other medium capable of showing moving stories in moving pictures.
Client: Khimji Jewels
Client Team: Nishit, Nishant and Sameer Nanda
Concept: Digital Dogs Content and Media
Creative Direction: Anjali Ramani (Digital Dogs)
Strategy: Ambarish Ray (Digital Dogs)
Production & Filming: PressPlay Collective
Produced by: Manikandan Mathivanan
Directed by: Yogesh Pandi
Cinematographer: Selva Kumar
Art Direction: Kamalanathan
Edited by: Manohar (RGB)
Grade & Online: Mohan(RGB)
Music: Mukund Ambarish Manivannan
Mix: Shaaji (Voicee Store)
Audio Production: Potbelly Audio
Script Supervision: Pooja Punjabi (Potbelly Audio)
Voice Artist: Upendra Chauhan
Production Manager: Rakesh (PressPlay)
Project Lead: Ridhima Srivastava (Digital Dogs)
Digital Planning: Shivam Nagpal (Digital Dogs)

Tagged: Commercial