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PressPlay Collective

Think it, Make It, & Show It.

Specializing in visual storytelling, PressPlay Collective is your go-to source for excellent results. From development to production, our company is here to transmit your ideas into a stunning visual representation. We're committed to exploring inventive ways and looking at things from new perspectives.  Explore our site for videos, services and information.

Motion Design
Animation &

When it comes to motion graphics and animation, digital artists at PressPlay Collective are plenty. We create media with the perfect balance of elegant aesthetics and captivating storyline.

We create high end motion graphics and animation videos to explore & explain concepts relevant to your business in a way that grabs the viewer’s attention.

Spec commercial

We are alone | Music Video

Yoga with Travis Elliot

Teyana Taylor | Fade 2 Fitness


What Sets Us Apart

We seek to understand the pains and aches of your customers and attack them with solutions in our videos.

We defeat conventional advertising using our innovative persuasion methods that highlight the specific benefits you bring to the table.

We pride ourselves on creating videos of the highest quality that can fit even the most conservative budget.

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We are a creative video production company committed to helping businesses stand out from the sea of sameness with content that fits all modern trends. We seek to understand every client deeply and fully satisfy their needs. Our team is young, experienced, culturally diverse, and has more than 100 projects completed. We create high-quality creative video that breathes life into brands and empowers their message.


Our diverse studio has experience with advertising agencies, production companies, artists, musicians, directors, designers, animators and many other disciplines - so there's never a job too big or too small for us.


Our hungry creative team produces 2 breathtaking visuals for clients or
broadcasting platforms to award winning

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Video Production

Our hungry creative team produces breathtaking visuals for Businesses & Creative agencies in India, Los Angeles, and Russia.

Social Media Contents

Create & produce relevant contents at the heart of your marketing strategy to engage your audience in rich, exciting new ways.


Our team is comprised of professionals who are always learning and growing to provide you with the latest styles and techniques so your shots are always on-trend. 


PressPlay Collective Manikandan About us Image.jpg

Manikandan Mathivanan
Founder & Creative Producer

Kostya Frolov PressPlay Collective Abous Us Photo.jpg

Konstantin Frolov
Co Founder & Creative Producer
(Los Angeles)

Dmitry_PressPlay Collective_Team Photo.JPG

Dmitry Voznesensky 

(Los Angeles)

Sholpan_PressPlay Collective_Team.jpg

Sholpan Murabuldayeva 

Operations & Producer

(Los Angeles)

 Pavithra Elumalai 
 Operations & Client Solution 


Danya Smirnov
Motion Designer & Animator
(Los Angeles)


Vadym Shapran
Motion Designer, 2D Animator
(Los Angeles)


Anastasia Arsentieva

(Los Angeles)


Diana Puzikova 
 Post Production Supervisor 
(Los Angeles)


 Max Frolov
 Camera Operator 
(Los Angeles)


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